To prevent the spread of coronavirus, the Canadian Immigration Service continued to take special measures, including allowing an indefinite deadline for submissions if the biometric process could not be carried out immediately. The biggest reason for this action is that it is not known when many Biometric service branches in Canada and abroad will operate normally. The closure of these service branches and Visa Center has affected many permanent residency applicants. Previously, even if the applicant for permanent residency had previously conducted biometric, he had to do biometric again when applying for permanent residency. And because Canada couldn't finish Biometric, the number of applications for permanent residency was increasing.

To solve this problem, on Tuesday, September 22nd, Canada did not allow additional biometrics to be re-examined when carrying out permanent residency when submitting applications for visitor permit, study permit, work permit, etc. within the last 10 years.

Through this policy, the Canadian Immigration Service aims to alleviate further confusion by allowing permanent residency approval without biometric recognition in certain cases. This policy is effective as of September 22, 2020 and is valid indefinitely.

Subject to this policy must meet two conditions: firstly, if a permanent resident has already been applied or is a new applicant; second, if an applicant has conducted biometric recognition within 10 years before submitting the application for permanent residence.

If we did not receive Biometric before and are not included in the above policy, Service Canada in Canada will soon open and we will contact applicants who need Biometric sequentially. Applicants can receive a call from Service Canada and schedule the visit date before proceeding.

As such, the Canadian Immigration Service is not just watching the immigration process being delayed by the Covid-19, but is trying to make it happen quickly by placing an exclusion target or changing regulations. Recently, not only permanent residency but also student permits and work permits have been delayed a lot, but we should check the updated parts quickly by looking at the new policies that we are announcing.