On July 14, the Canadian government announced good news for applicants who applied for an extension of their stay in Canada and those whose status was unclear due to the expiration of their current stay visa.

The first good news is Biometric exemption. Biometric (biometric recognition information), which began in earnest last year, was required to be submitted by all applicants applying for study Permit, work Permit, Visitor Record, and permanent residency, and was conducted by visiting biometric institutions to take pictures and fingerprints. However, due to this COVID-19, most Biometric agencies in Canada have been closed, and the results of all applications have been withheld.

To address this situation, on July 14, the Canadian government temporarily suspended the submission of Biometric (biometric information) only for applicants residing in Canada. This means that applicants who wish to apply, extend, or restore a Study Permit, Work Permit, or Visitor Record in Canada may receive results without completing Biometric. If you already paid $85 for Biometric, you will get a refund after the application is processed. However, this is only applicable for applications within Canada and is not applicable if the applicant resides abroad. And if you apply in Canada and wait for Biometric in Canada, you have no choice but to wait until it resumes, because it does not exclude permanent residency applicants.

The second good news is the extension of the restore period. Restoration is the benefit of a 90-day re-application period that allows you to restore your stay status again if you are currently unable to extend the permittance in Canada on time or if the extension is rejected. In the past, we had to apply for restoration within 90 days, but we decided to extend the application from July 14 to December 31, 2020. Specifically, this applies only to those with a status of stay expired after January 31, 2020, and only if they are restored before December 31, 2020, they can legally reside in Canada. In addition, we have announced that although we are not allowed to work during the restoration period, we can give you approval to work during this period with special approval from LMIA, Job Offer, and the Immigration Bureau.

The above biometric exemptions and extended restoration are expected to help applicants who have been waiting in Canada for a long time and who have been uncertain about their status in the Canadian job market, and furthermore, they are expected to restore the insufficient number of employees in the Canadian job market.