This July 8th, all of Express Entry's programs, including the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) and the Federal Skilled Trade (FST), resumed. It was the last full selection in four months on March 4, the beginning of Pandemics, and 3,900 invitations (ITAs) were issued.

This was the 22nd selection in 2020, and the total number of invitations (ITAs) issued this year was 53,800, the largest number since EE Saint-Gin. Comparing the same date by year, we issued 41,800 invitations by July 2019, 43,450 by July 2018, and 51,285 invitations by July 2017.

Canada has introduced travel restrictions to prevent COVID-19 spread since Pandemic, and at the same time only selected PNP (Provenial Nomine Program) and CEC (Canadian Experience Class) among Express Entry programs.

The reason why only PNP and CEC were selected was that most CEC and PNP applicants were already residing in Canada, so they were not affected by travel restrictions in Canada, and there were less COVID-19 proliferation concerns.

As a result, EE's starting score went down to 431, bringing down the high score that went up to 470 points, giving many candidates the right to start. However, with the addition of FSW and FST to all EE programs, the starting score went up to 478 points, marking the highest starting score of the year.

As FST was selected with the same score as other programs, the application for FST was meaningless. The advantage of FST was that certain six occupations could be selected with lower scores, but this selection was selected with 478 points, the same as other programs.

There is no clear announcement yet whether the FST, which usually selects only twice a year, will include this selection or there will be a separate selection in the future except for this selection. Although there were many mixed feelings due to the sudden selection, it remains to be seen whether the EE progress will be made or divided again.

With the selection of FSW and FST, which had stopped at COVID-19, it is seen as a sign that Canada will soon open its entry restrictions and start a brief pause in the process