On June 12th, the Canadian Immigration Service has updated the conditions of those eligible for entry into Canada once again. Recently, it has been difficult to get accurate answers about the unclear entry into Canada, so it has often occurred to visitors who were trying to enter from abroad to go back to the airport. Further announcements have been made as we feel the need to update the conditions of new arrivals once again, depending on the progress of COVID-19. The entry conditions of foreigners into Canada have been updated since March 18th due to COVID-19. In this presentation, I gave a detailed presentation on the conditions of immediate family members entering Canada.

The IRCC Canadian Immigration Department announced today that foreigners are allowed to enter Canada only for mandatory visits, and that it is their responsibility to explain the reason for the visit, so make thorough preparations in advance.
The example of a mandatory visit here is that Canada has Canadian citizenship or immediate family members of permanent residents, so entry into Canada as a reason to reunite with their families is considered a mandatory. If your immediate family enters Canada from any country other than the United States, you must bring the immigration documents issued by the Department of Immigration.
The entry papers are...

Direct family members include spouses, cohabitants, dependents, grandchildren, parents, stepfathers, stepmothers, guardians or tutors, and must bring relevant supporting documents upon arrival. Relevant documentation includes a Canadian passport, certificate of citizenship, or card of permanent residence that can prove that the immediate family is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, and must be provided with a marriage certificate, cohabitation certificate, and family relation certificate to prove the relationship.

The conditions for entry must include a plan to visit Canada for at least 15 days and must be self-priced for 14 days after arrival. In addition, immediate family members or visitors must have no COVID-19 symptoms and must have a mandatory visiting travel objective. Finally, as you visit Canada for the reunion of immediate family members, you must order that the purpose of your visit to Canada is to unite with immediate family members.

Currently, if you need to enter Canada for study and employment purposes other than for direct family visits, the Immigration Bureau has announced that it will announce detailed plans for studying abroad and employment purposes soon, so it is recommended that those who want to enter Canada should check the relevant policies to be announced and prepare to enter the country.

Due to COVID-19 recently, the conditions of the visit have been changed frequently and the progress of the permanent residency is also being made, so if you are preparing for permanent residency as well as immigration, please listen to the immigration news and check the changes before proceeding.