The BCPNP-Techfilot program was extended for another year until June 2021. The main reason for this decision is to continue to employ international talent to provide sufficient manpower to employers in the field of technology, judging that local skilled workers will not be available.

As before, Techfilot will maintain its support for qualified technical workers to obtain permanent residency through BCPNP in one of its 29 technical professions. The way the program works and the way the score is calculated is the same as the general BCPNP, but there is a particular difference: selection for a particular job, low selection scores, a lot of selection, and fast progress.

Techfilot is an implementation program for applicants who are still engaged in special technical jobs. The primary purpose of the program was to give more permanent residency opportunities to applicants in 29 technology sectors in BC, which led the state to seek special technical workers. Twenty-nine areas consist of special jobs such as IT, Engineer, Editor, Author, and manager, which are selected as major economic growth factors in the state of BC, helping to develop the state's economy.

This program is selected with a very low score compared to the regular BCPNP selection. Recently, BCPNP has been selected with more than 100 points, while Techpilot has been selected with 80 points. At a time when there is a score gap of more than 20 points and the recent rise in BCPNP selection scores makes it difficult to apply for permanent residency, Techpilot is a very important program for permanent residency applicants. 80 is a score that you can get if you usually have 5 points of CLB in English and more than 1 year of experience in Canada. Of course, it may vary slightly depending on your overseas career, occupation, and salary, but the jobs that usually Techfilot employees apply for are more advantageous because they are preferred in BC.

In addition, the selection of this program is more regular than regular BCPNP, and the application of documents after the selection is made faster. Techpilot is selected almost every week, and BCPNP typically receives results on average three months after filing, but Techpolit receives responses as early as one day and finishes within a week on average.

When you look at BCPNP Tech Pilot programs, you sometimes mistake them for being completely different from normal BCPNP, which means that you're applying for Tech Pilot as a program that benefits you're in BCPNP. So, if you qualify for Techpilot rather than separate BCPNP and Tech Pilot, you register BCPNP and automatically register within the Techpilot Pool. And you'll be automatically selected for Techfilot.

Techfilot, which has more advantages than regular BCPNP, extended it by one year in 2019, and this time it was a great opportunity for applicants who didn't have enough time to register for the pool. Recently, there are many applicants who have not been able to prepare for permanent residency due to COVID-19's failure to obtain English grade or academic certification, or due to the company's closure or layoff, I hope this opportunity will be an opportunity to prepare and apply properly.